If not for taxes …

by Dawn Pennington on December 21, 2015

The Christmas story begins with taxes.

After all, if Mary and Joseph hadn’t headed back to Bethlehem for the census — ordained by the king for the purpose of getting more tax revenue — we wouldn’t have the story we tell today of Jesus’ birth in a manger.

Of course, if Jesus were born in modern times, there would have been lawsuits against the innkeeper (and the multinational conglomerate that owns it) for turning away the Messiah, or at the very least a lawsuit for the conditions of the stable being hazardous and unsanitary for an infant.

And were the animals up on their shots? Perhaps the anti-vaxxers would have had something to say about that.

And don’t get me started on the “snip-snip” argument when it comes to baby boys. Each side would march to the highest court they could get themselves to.

And if Mary would say want to breast-feed in public … or hop on birth control … or home-school the tiny savior child … it would be a global kerfuffle.

In any event, since the beginning of time, the government has played a massive part in our lives. And we continue to reel it in. 

Perhaps if we really want to reduce government’s impact in our lives, we can start by not giving them so much work to do that involves meddling in our personal choices and affairs.

Caesar Augustus would have loved the profits today’s problems would have brought in!

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